Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Car Wash

I pull into a do-it-yourself car wash place. As I'm getting out of my car I see this guy walking toward me. His hair is dirty and disheveled. He has an unkempt beard and dirty clothes. I think he's going to ask me for money. I'm preparing my answer but the guy walks into the bay to my right (where there is a car) and starts putting money in the coin slot.

I take my dollars to the coin changer and pass the bay to my left. There's a guy (maybe about 55 years old) standing there and he's telling two women how to wash his car. One woman is about his age and has the sprayer, the other looks like it could be his/her/their daughter and has the brush. He's not being terribly rude, but constantly telling them where to wash and how to wash. I kind of assume he's a John and they are prostitutes/escorts of some type. Either way, I kind of hope they were getting paid for this service.

I get my change and go back to my car. I'm washing my car and eventually I hear a guy saying "oh yeah! Wash that baby! That's how to do it!" I figure I was right about the prostitute thing and am a little surprised that they're doing it in such a public place. I stop my sprayer and realize it's the guy BY HIMSELF making these comments. I guess he took the DO IT YOURSELF concept to heart!


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