Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Why Hospice?

So my father-in-law has lung cancer which has spread to his brain, thigh bones, spleen, liver and lymph nodes, yet he and my wife have repeatedly gotten questioned by doctors why they want him to come to our house with hospice care.

Medical professionals need to get over their hang-up with thinking death of a patient means the professionals failed. EVERYONE DIES!!! Many of us don't know when it will happen. Anyone with a sense of reality knows approximately when my father-in-law will die. Just accept it and make it as painless and peaceful as possible.

He ended up being admitted to a local hospital last night because, while waiting for a PALLIATIVE radiation treatment on his lung tumors, the nurses decided it would be best for him to be in the hospital because he has having "difficulty breathing". Yeah, it's surprising that HUGE CANCEROUS TUMORS ON YOUR LUNGS will cause one "difficulty breathing."

He SHOULD be coming to our home today.


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