Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Professionals vs. Families

I hate it when "professionals" (doctors, casemanagers, social workers, etc) think they're more important than families when dealing with certain difficult life situations. As a professional who has dealt with families with certain difficult situations I often reminded people that all of us "paid" friends are temporary and the family is permanent so their opinion is most important.

Lately, I've been the family and I'm sticking to my guns. We've been dealing with some insensitive doctors and other medical professionals in relation to my father-in-law's battle with stage IV cancer. After my father-in-law dies or somehow is no longer a patient of these folks, they will move on to their next patient. My wife (Clay Mama)is going to have to live with herself and the way she dealt with her father in his final days/months/years for the rest of her life.


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