Monday, August 29, 2005


My father-in-law is in Shadyside Hospital now due to some severe pain in his left side (apparently the result of a collapsed lung). When I called 9-1-1 I told him what my father-in-law was experiencing, he asked me if this is normal for him. I felt like saying "actually it IS pretty normal now that you asked, but I was hoping to make a new phone friend to chat with"). The guy asked me what medications he has taken in the past 12 hours. I asked the guy if he had a comfortable chair and snack cuz it was going to take a while.

P.S. The Shadyside staff have been great. Especially the intake nurse who was flirting with my father-in-law about how she likes to perform the initial "skin integrity" check so that she can look at guys' naked butts.


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