Thursday, August 25, 2005

Soy milk at EatnPark

I wanted to give a public THANK YOU to Eat n Park restaurants (a family-style chain of restaurants in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas) for recently including Soy milk on their menu. It may not seem like a big deal and I may be the only person requesting it but for those of us who are trying to eat an animal product-free diet, it's really nice.

At the same time, I wanted to let any Pittsburgh vegans out there know that I have been in touch with the head of menu development (or some such title) for Eat n Park and he has been very helpful in identifying vegan foods at Eat n Park.

The only vegan soup is a mushroom & rice soup (offered on Mondays). French fries, and the spaghetti w/marinara are also vegan. Unfortunately, the veggie burger and onion rings are NOT. I haven't gotten info on the various salad dressings yet but I will post when I find that out. Anyway, consider this a start.


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