Thursday, August 25, 2005

Father-in-law update

He moved in on Tuesday and we're glad to have him here. It's got to be hard to lose your independence as he is slowly doing. Especially for someone who has always been so private. Here's this man who had a very stylish sense of fashion, did not share his feeling with others very often and liked to do his own thing. Now he's in a bed in his daughter's living room, mostly wears pajamas, uses a toilet chair and has his waste emptied by family members.

Yesterday he was transported (by ambulance with a $50 round-trip co-pay) for his radiation treatment. He ended up not getting the treatment because the "radiation machine broke". He had to wait for over 45 minutes to find this out.

He got a call from his mother last night. She's too fragile to leave her home 50 miles away and he is not leaving our home. They have seen each other for the last time. I don't know if they both have admitted that - especially to each other. He was pretty upset by the end of the phone call.

It ultimately was a pretty crappy day for him.


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