Thursday, September 08, 2005


Yesterday was my father-in-law's 63rd and final birthday. He is eating very little, but is not in as much pain as when he first moved in with us. They have upped his Oxycontin so that he requires less pain meds for the spikes in pain he feels.

Clay Mama gets to add more to her plate next week when she returns to paralegal school. The feeling of being chained to the home is frustrating, but one that is certainly temporary. There is little I can do to relieve her of the stress since I work 2 part-time jobs in addtion to the full-time one.

Everytime I see someone smoking cigarettes, I wish they could come to our house and spend an hour visiting with my father-in-law. Peeing in a bottle, pooping in a bucket in your daughter's living room, with oxygen running 24/7 and coughing constantly when you're 60 certainly isn't as "cool" as pretending to be rebellious with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth as a 20-something.


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