Friday, October 14, 2005

Ooh Mah Nee is Closing

I just heard that Ooh Mah Nee Farm sanctuary in Hunker, Pa is closing.

What a bummer! I'll post more on this later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fuzzy Math

Pres. Chimpy McFlightSuit once accused Al Gore of "fuzzy math" without providing any examples. I'll be specific.

Reagan once showed a chart on "the economy" while addressing the country with the line on an angle up. The problem is it didn't have any descriptions on the x or y axis. What an ASSHOLE he was!

I HATE it when people use out-of-context numbers to prove something. Other examples:

* I once asked a woman what gas kind of gas mileage she gets from her Honda CRV. Her response was "It's horrible, I have to fill up my tank at least once a week." She didn't include such vital information as HOW BIG IS HER GAS TANK? or HOW MANY MILES DOES SHE DRIVE PER WEEK?

* I once called a pizza place and asked how big their medium pizza was, the response was "10 SLICES". I said "I don't care how many times you cut it! You could cut an 18" pizza into TWO slices or you could cut an 8" pizza into 24 slices!"

* Advertisements which mention the "our staff total 84 years of experience selling shoes". Um, that's impressive if you only have something like 10 staff. If you have 86 staff, that sucks! How about giving me an average?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


It’s been one week since Claymama’s dad passed away. He died in his sleep (isn’t that how we all want to go?)

When Ruby2001 came downstairs, I approached her to tell her. Before I could say it she whispered “I already know”. At first her eyes darted around everywhere in the living room BUT at her dead granddad. Eventually she did look at him and she seemed to relax.

I told her Grandad is no longer in pain. She replied “Yay! The pain medication worked!” She knew he was on numerous pain medications by the end. Caz1996 seemed VERY comfortable with the situation.

I’m glad my kids saw his transition. While waiting for the hospice nurse to come and flush the narcotics and make the official declaration & such, the kids were sitting in their recently deceased grandad’s recliner watching cartoons about 5 feet from his dead body. Out of context it would seem really weird and creepy. But it was a very natural step.

The other thought I had is that how much each of the next stages were actually easier (or even welcome, considering the circumstances) than the previous one. When Claymama and the kids moved in with Grandad for the rest of the summer, an hour away from home, it was not good, but better than Grandad being by himself and Claymama trying to coordinate doctor visits & such from OUR home. When Grandad moved in with us for daily care, it wasn’t great, but it was better than 3/4ths of our family living in his house or him being in a hospital/nursing home. And when he died, it was not a good day, but it was better than him suffering any longer, being confused, knowing that the end was near.