Friday, July 28, 2006

Betty Blue 1992-2006

Our beloved dog was put to sleep last evening after months of declining health and apparent kidney failure. She was clearly uncomfortable yesterday but was particularly affectionate yesterday afternoon as we brought her home from the vet to spend time with the family prior to returning for the procedure.

14 years ago, Kim and I were in a new city and working opposite shifts so we had much time alone in a small apartment. We didn't really have friends near us and we both wanted companionship when the other was gone. We found her at the Animal Rescue League. She picked us, we did not pick her (I'll tell you that story if you've never heard it). She taught us responsibility before we had children and was a wonderful companion.

I enjoyed her playfulness with other dogs probably more than anything else. When she was young, she would just not leave other dogs alone (even younger ones), trying to play with them almost constantly. In her later years, you could see that playful puppy inside of her, but she would only be able to pester other dogs for a few moments before resting. Her gentleness was another trait we will never forget. I don't think she never tried to harm another being (except for those pesky bugs that she might snap at occasionally). She shunned pepperoni and ate vegetables. Due to an allergy, she was a vegan before I was.

The picture above was taken just over a month ago at Piedmont Lake. As much as she did not really enjoy swimming, she had a fascination with the water and seemed to really enjoy her visits there.

She will be greatly missed.