Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You put the "ICK!" in Rick

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is running behind in the polls to Bob Casey, Jr. He has supported W 98% of the time. Unfortunately, Casey's presence and voice is like ether. He should be a cure for insomnia.

Despite that, in their first debate, Casey managed to get a few good lines in. Santorum actually claims we found the weapons of mass destruction (I guess the Bush administration is just really bad and getting their message out - HA!). Of course, even Bush and his cronies have publicly admitted there were no weapons. Casey's line was something to the effect of: "We've finally discovered the 2% where Santorum DISAGREES with Bush - he actually BELIEVES WE FOUND THE WMDs!"

The other line came in response to Santorum (doing what he was told by the Republican Party bosses) referring to "Islamic Fascists" instead of "terrorists". Casey said that we should worry about finding and killing Osama bin Laden (the person actually RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11!) and THEN Santorum can decide whether he's a "dead terrorist" or a "dead Islamic Fascist" - good stuff!


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