Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fuzzy Math

Pres. Chimpy McFlightSuit once accused Al Gore of "fuzzy math" without providing any examples. I'll be specific.

Reagan once showed a chart on "the economy" while addressing the country with the line on an angle up. The problem is it didn't have any descriptions on the x or y axis. What an ASSHOLE he was!

I HATE it when people use out-of-context numbers to prove something. Other examples:

* I once asked a woman what gas kind of gas mileage she gets from her Honda CRV. Her response was "It's horrible, I have to fill up my tank at least once a week." She didn't include such vital information as HOW BIG IS HER GAS TANK? or HOW MANY MILES DOES SHE DRIVE PER WEEK?

* I once called a pizza place and asked how big their medium pizza was, the response was "10 SLICES". I said "I don't care how many times you cut it! You could cut an 18" pizza into TWO slices or you could cut an 8" pizza into 24 slices!"

* Advertisements which mention the "our staff total 84 years of experience selling shoes". Um, that's impressive if you only have something like 10 staff. If you have 86 staff, that sucks! How about giving me an average?


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