Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pat Tillman

I have tried to reserve judgment on Pat Tillman. He was the football player who gave up millions of $$ to go fight in Afghanistan. He has been hailed as an unselfish hero and his death was initially described by the Bush PR machine as a patriotic tale of dying for your country. He believed in this war and died fighting for a cause that was important to him.

I've always felt that it was just another sad case of someone who believes what they're told with no critical thinking and actually votes against their self-interest (like poor folks who vote for Republicans).

His family has recently come out saying that the circumstances surrounding his death that were initially reported were flat-out lies. The family later learned that he was killed by "friendly fire" and they're pretty pissed about it. The family's attitude now has been widely reported.

Two Political Junkies now report that he wasn't a Bush supporter at all. He didn't believe in the war. He wanted to meet Naom Chomsky!! Please read the details. Very interesting.

While you're there read the post about that woman in Atlanta who was a hero for converting that serial murderer to Christianity. It ends up (according to HER in HER NEW BOOK) that it wasn't quite such a great example of "witnessing" for Christ.


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