Thursday, December 01, 2005

War on Christmas

So occasionally I have to be in a room where Fox News (including O'Reilly) is on the tv, REALLY LOUDLY!!

Every night they've been bitching about the War on Christmas and they cite stores who tell their employees to say "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and encourage boycotting them.

I listened to the podcast of last night's Majority Report and Sam pointed out that the Fox News web store is guilty of replacing "Christmas" with "Holiday", including "holiday ornaments". I check out the web site. Sure enough there's a huge banner that says something about "holiday" gift ideas. The "holiday ornaments" have since been changed to "Christmas Ornaments"

Here's my take on the "war on christmas". Why would you wish someone a happy something-they-don't(or MAY NOT)-celebrate? On October 25, 2005, nobody wished me a Merry Sh'mini Atzaret. It's equivalent to walking up to everybody on YOUR birthday and saying "Happy Birthday!". You might run into someone who has the same birthday as you, but for you to ASSUME everybody celebrates because YOU do is incredibly narrow-minded, immature and self-centered.

Granted, Christians are the majority in this country, so you're more likely to run into a Christian. But that's the point - CHRISTIANS ARE THE MAJORITY!!! People are not PERSECUTED for being Christian in the U.S. Christians in the U.S. complaining about being oppressed sounds to me like rich, white guys complaining about Affirmative Action. Trying to be more inclusive of people who are not in the majority, is not an attack. It's about trying to look at the world from other's perspectives.


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