Thursday, December 01, 2005


So here was my evening tonight (11/30/05)
6:22pm - Decide to finally clean out my car trunk. While getting gas near South Park (about 10 miles from my house), stop at one of those do it yourself car wash places.

6:26pm - As I drive away, I realize I may have accidentally thrown away the cord for my camcorder adaptor. The adaptor (the big square thing) is in the trunk, but I don't recall seeing the cord from the wall to the adaptor. Check the trunk, but it's a little too dark in the parking lot to determine if it's there. I must have put it in my camera bag. I'll check later.

9:33pm - I get home from work, check my camera bag, no cord. I look through a cabinet that has more of my camera stuff, no cord.

9:36pm - I quickly check B&H Photo Video to see how much it's going to cost to order a new one. $120!!!

9:38pm - Take Caz1996 to bed, read him a story.

9:59pm - Tell Claymama what an idiot I am and ask if our flashlight is working - Ruby2001 often plays with it and the batteries were dead last I checked. She confirms the flashlight batteries are dead.

10:01pm - Drive to grocery store along the way.

10:22pm - 2 packages of 4 D batteries on sale for $9.29 - wow, my lucky night!!

10:23pm - line I'm in is taking too long, notice the "express" lane has no customers and 3 cashiers - go there. They're chatting with each other. The young female cashier slowly turns toward me (then needs some sort of code to be punched in by the middle-aged cashier). She rings me up - "$18.54"!! I tell the cashier what the tag on the display said. She said she'll have to "get a manager". I tell her "forget it, I can't wait"

10:26pm - after replacing batteries and re-tightening the light bulb in the flashlight, realize that the flashlight is broken. I go back into the grocery store - right next door to a Wal-mart - to buy a flashlight.

10:29pm - pick up TWO flashlights (I've got plenty of batteries for them in the car). Next to the flashlights, I notice that the "sale" tag said it was "through 11/30/05". I was right, they changed it in the computer too soon. Again, the line I'm in is taking too long, I cautiously go to the "express" lane with the middle aged cashier mentioned earlier. She is refunding money to some woman standing behind her. Apparently it's because of a return of a half-gallon of milk. Then the cashier debates with her about the status of the milk carton, very carefully trying to figure out what is wrong with the milk - IN THE EXPRESS LANE!!! The guy standing in front of her, waiting to be checked out looks at me in disbelief. I give him a confirming astonished shake of my head. Eventually, get through the line and head towards the trash can.

10:41pm - begin digging through the trash can - realize that NOW there are huge streetlights on - didn't need the flashlight after all.

10:44pm - after digging through the entire can (including a surprising number of CD jewel cases -without the CDs- for a "Greatest Power Ballads" CD and EVERY CD by the band LIVE, for some reason), I do NOT find my cord.

10:58pm - dejected and frustrated at how forgetful and stupid I can be (why would the cord to my camera be anywhere but WHERE THE CAMERA IS KEPT?) and disgusted with the garbage-y liquid that is on my hands, "Riot Nrrd" by 2 Skinnee J's comes on my iPod and I rock out on the way home. Life's not so bad.

11:23pm - after scrubbing my hands with soap and hot water, start searching on the internet for a replacement cord.

11:55pm - after some research, I find a charger (3rd party brand - not "Canon" - but from a reputable company) for my camera batteries. It's thinner (not as bulky) as the one that came with my camera. Not only does it include a cord from the adaptor to the wall, it also includes a car adaptor AND a European plug, all for $20 + $5 shipping.

By the end of the night, I spent more on batteries and flashlights than I did on this charger that I thought was going to cost me over $100.

The moral of the story? I'm a dork.


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