Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dark as a Dungeon

So the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was one of the few papers to get out many editions of yesterday's paper with the correct headline about the coal miners tragedy in West Virginia.

Mackenzie Carpenter (Mary Chapin's sis, by the way) wrote a story today about how the P-G pulled it off. So did the New York Times. David Shribman (P-G editor) is quoted in both. In the Times' article he even mentioned "his decision" to "stop the presses".

Of course, that decision was made after he was called at home by the folks who were actually WORKING ON THE PAPER AT THE TIME. Word is that one guy even was on his way home from the P-G after finishing the "Miners are alive" version of the front page when he heard the change in the story on the radio and drove back to the P-G to help with the remaking of the front page. None of those people have been publicly acknowledged or thanked by the P-G editors. Only people who were asleep as this stuff was happening have gotten any kudos.


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